China Publishing & Media Journal

China Press and Publishing Media Group Co., Ltd. (CMG) is a media group approved by the leaders of the State Council and established on the basis of the restructured China Press and Publication News. It is a cultural enterprise directly under the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee and funded by the State Council, with the Ministry of Finance acting as the funder.


CMG owns one newspaper, three magazines, one website and a new media matrix. With the national news, publication, radio and television as its main businesses, CMG actively serves the development of the national news and publication segments. Adhering to the strategy of “being the resource integrator and platform builder”, CMG remains dedicated to building itself into a first-class media group in China.

At present, 
CMG has four main business segments: first, information service, which covers the press and publications segments (such as newspapers, periodicals and publishing), the radio and TV segments (such as radio, television and film) and the new media marketing and brand building segments (such as websites and mobile internet); second, the industry digital service platform segment, which is the digital service platform that serves the entire news publishing, radio and television industries and the enterprises in such industries; third, the resource integration segment, which features the capitalized media integrations by means of mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations with property rights as the link; fourth, the relevant diversified businesses, which features the planning of the press and publication creative industry park, strategic consulting and management consulting services, big data think tank services for the cultural industry and the promotion of Chinese culture “going global” campaign and other related businesses.

After more than three decades of development, CMG has accumulated rich industry content resources, laid a solid foundation for further expansion and cultivated a number of media talents. CMG and its subordinate units are full of innovative ideas, enjoying high industry status, being highly authoritative and influential, and showcasing unprecedented vitality.