Machine & Industry Publishing

China Machine Press, established by the state in 1952, is one of the first national S&T information research and publishing media institution after the founding of the new China. After nearly 70 years of accumulation and development, it has now formed a new type of “five-in-one” professional information service system, consisting of CMP Think Tank, CMP Media, CMP Press, CMP Distribution and CMP Digital Publishing.


China Machine Press, as the main publishing business operator of CMP Press, publishes about 3,000 kinds of new books, imports and exports nearly 800 kinds of copyrighted editions and sells more than 37 million books annually, achieving “ten books published a day and 100,000 copies sold a day”. With annual sales volume (at fixed price) exceeding RMB 1.6 billion, it has been ranking first for many years in terms of the share in the retail book market. It publishes books in three major sectors, namely S&T, education and mass media. The books cover more than ten professional fields such as machinery, electrical engineering and electronics, automobile, construction, economic management, computer, foreign languages, agriculture, psychology, design, popular science, children and life etc., and cater to readers of different levels such as higher education, vocational education, skills education and primary education etc. It has long ranked top in terms of its shares in multiple segment markets and marketing channels. China Machine Press has been awarded many honours including “National Excellent Press”, “National Top 100 Publishing Units”, “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands”, “World’s 500 Largest Media Companies”, “National Key Enterprise for Cultural Export”, “China’s Enterprise with the Most Influential Copyright”, “Top 100 Publishers for the Influence of China’s Overseas Collection of Books” and “Textbook Publishing Base of the Ministry of Education.

It is the mission and pursuit of China Machine Press to disseminate industrial technology, artisan skills and craftsmanship spirit, and improve China’s capability of independent innovation. We are willing to work hand in hand with institutions of all sectors and people from all circles of life to gather and disseminate knowledge and create glory again.