Beijing TimeBook

Beijing Wuzhou Timebook Culture Media Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly engages in book planning and other businesses related to books for educational purpose and for teenagers. The company is headquartered in Advanced Business Park (ABP), Fengtai District, Beijing, with a registered capital of RMB 28 million and an office area of 2,000 m2. With continuous development, the Group engages in a growing number of business sectors. It established Hebei Tianhua Culture Media Co., Ltd. in May, 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million, and purchased a new office building with an office area of 2,500 m2, laying a solid foundation for the strategic development of the Group. Meanwhile, it has built a warehousing and logistics base in Tai’an, Shandong Province, with a storage area of 36,000 m2, providing a strong logistic and warehousing support for the company’s operations. At present, the Group has nearly 300 employees on active duty, 92% of whom have received junior college education or above. Beijing 
Wuzhou Times Tianhua Culture Media Co., Ltd. has already evolved into a diversified cultural company with a strong influence in our time.


In terms of brand building and product R&D, the company practices the philosophy of “creating quality books and providing professional services”, engaging famous education experts and experienced teachers in China. After years of efforts, the company has created multiple sets of educational books and reference books with modern educational ideas suitable for the majority of teachers and students. The company has developed a product line covering the categories of reference and exercise books, reading, composition writing, examination, arithmetic question cards, calligraphy, writings in classical Chinese and ancient poetry etc. The company has also developed famous “TimeBook” branded reference and exercise book series such as “Colorful Classroom”, “Five-E Classroom” and “Innovations around the Corner”, with the current brand value of more than RMB 50 million. The book series “Innovations around the Corner”, as the company’s first-launched brand, has remained to be the bestseller for more than 20 years in China. We hope that through continuous efforts, we could gather children's books with excellent quality from both home and abroad and provide outstanding extracurricular reading materials for children.