Ibidem Publishing, Germany

Ibidem Press is an international publishing house for scholarly literature based in Stuttgart and Hannover, Germany. Our broad program publishes a wide variety of titles from all disciplines with an emphasis on the humanities, cultural studies, and the social sciences. Currently, ibidem Press has over 3,000 available titles, most of which are offered as both print and e-books. With over 60 book series, ibidem Press has established a network of authors and editors. We strive to stimulate interest in scientific insights in a wide audience for the key issues of our time. Many ibidem publications appeal not only to academics, but also to the interested public.


In addition to its programme for scholarly literature, ibidem Press has established Edition Noëma as its belles-lettres division. Originally created in order to satisfy our academic authors' demand to publish fictional texts as well, Edition Noëma has evolved into an imprint of its own, presenting—amongst gems of narration—touching eyewitness accounts, fascinating (auto-)biographies, and enchanting fairy tales.

Our books are distributed internationally, published in various languages, e.g. German, English, French, Spanish, and Russian, and have received international recognition.

In recent years, ibidem Press, together with Chinese partner presses, such as China Social Sciences Press or Social Sciences Academic Press, has launched several book series aimed at bringing Chinese perspectives closer to a German readership.